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Every day we often focus their mental power for machinery and vehicle technology, sedentary and exercise for the eyes, long gradually become tired eyes, feeling a headache, looking at things like no really, it's a symptom of unhealthy eyes, but do not worry, because people have found these tools are '' glasses '' helped eyes became healthy, regain the quality of life, with glasses is not only visionary, glasses are a means to protect and beautify your face looks racy accelerated up the wall, intellectuals, as well as look very thorough in communicating.


With the market of Phan Thiet, Eden brand no longer alien to the domestic and international customers, thanks to the Company's own direction in the business: always take as a standard TAM, should always developing enterprise stop and have maintained various trades mamg Eden in Binh Thuan brand 32 years to date (2017).
Eden glasses bring a luxurious style, elegant full of attraction, the reputation and good quality, glasses Eden hopes to be close friends accompany all customers.
Coming with glasses Eden You will receive incentives when purchasing services along with the standard, professional, new models, beautiful, good quality, ensuring all kinds of glass here that are resistant glass by UV, anti-electromagnetic wave, anti-glare, UV index that reached 400, competitive prices, after sales after the purchase, along with technology ophthalmoscopes from Japan and the professional team glasses Eden will give a precise answer to refractive.
Eden Manager Ms. Tran Thi Xuan, the Entrepreneur of Binh Thuan Province for many years, 2016 was the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam, the Central Council awarded certificates of merit, This accomplishment is due to the territorial right direction and the way business is honest: ALWAYS TAKE CENTER mADE STANDARDS, ready to help DIFFICULT cIRCUMSTANCES.
Sunglasses Eden is a reliable place, especially with the charity program for people in remote areas of the city, walking difficulties, contact the business owner (phone: 680 954 0913 Spring meeting) to be visited On-site examination and gave the glass, unlimited quantities, in order to help people regain the quality of life and help them gain insights, to healthy living and learning well.
Wishing you good health, prosperity!
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