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Philippine Foreign Secretary: 'China will lose if you do not comply with the judgment'

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"We are trying to make China understand that if they do not respect and recognition of court rulings ultimately they will be the losers," Philippine Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay said in a congressional hearing Tuesday 30/8.
Before the start of bilateral talks, the Philippines plans to reach an agreement with China to allow Filipino fishermen access to waters rich in natural resources, he said Yasay.
China controlled the Scarborough Shoal since 2012 and prevented Filipino fishermen access to this entity, one of the factors that bring the matter Manila Court of Arbitration.
"When we began formal negotiations or bilateral engagements with China, we must take the judgment of the Court of Arbitration as basis. There are no exceptions," he said Yasay.
China claims most of the South China Sea area "U-shaped line" self-drawn, overlapping neighboring waters. In his ruling on the lawsuit 12/7 days of the Philippines, the Court of Arbitration said that China has no legal basis to claim historical rights to resources within the claim "U-shaped line".
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